Cape Town quality palisade fencing

Don’t take chances about your security by choosing ‘cheap’ palisade fencing!

Taking a chance by choosing what may seem like a ‘cheap’ option for perimeter security is going to be a lot more expensive in the long run, especially when it starts sagging, rusting and generally falling apart after one season in the salty air around Cape Town and the Peninsula!

There are many fencing contractors who will literally take your money and run, leaving you holding the bag while you deal with fencing that is unable to provide the security your family and assets really need.

Think very long and hard about your choices when it comes to the design and installation of palisade fencing and don’t settle for anything less than the best.

With crime rates soaring every year in the Western Cape, more and more property owners are choosing to go with galvanised steel palisade fencing designed to last, instead of building high walls that any determined criminal will find a way over!

Fencing allows you to see what is going on outside your property and also makes it easy for private security firms, or the police, to follow up on any suspicious activity; security patrols are not allowed to climb any walls to check on the safety of life and property, but with palisade fencing or mesh fencing, their chances of catching criminals in the act increases significantly.

Alarms are of absolutely no use if no one can get into the property, no matter how fast the armed response is, this type of crime prevention is useless if no one can see what is happening on your property.

The point of quality, galvanised steel fencing in Cape Town is to act as the strongest, most effective first-level of protection for your loved ones and property, it not only acts as a deterrent due to the challenge it presents to criminals, it also makes it virtually impossible to climb or cut, as well as offering no shelter to criminals who may already be on your grounds.

Topfence designs and manufactures their own unique, affordable galvanised steel fencing in Cape Town, offering customers’ perimeter security that is as attractive as it is secure.

Because all the components used in this palisade fencing are manufactured locally, you will be making an affordable investment that will last for years to come, despite the weather conditions around the coast!

This locally designed and manufactured fencing is durable and tamper-proof, making it extremely hard, if not impossible, for criminals to climb, cut or hide behind, while at the same time clearing the way for the effective use of CCTV surveillance.

What has made the Topfence palisade fencing system tamper-proof is the use of security shear nut fasteners and unique sandwiched fixers, added to which, a unique bended horizontal section eliminates the possibility of sagging, with a roll formed palisade pale that boasts a stiffened rib to create the strongest palisade fencing in Cape Town.

Before you are tempted to settle for the ‘cheap’ option, call the team at Topfence for expert advice and guidance to ensure that you get real value for money into the bargain for quality palisade fencing!

Contact Topfence for a free quotation today to get started on quality palisade fencing!

SABS approved materials, design expertise, state of the art technology and the use of galvanised components has made Topfence the number one palisade fencing company in Cape Town, offering affordable, tailor made palisade fencing designed to last, deter criminals and still look stylish.

Taking its place as the number one fencing company in Cape Town since its inception in 2008 is a prime example of the commitment at Topfence to offer many satisfied customers a unique steel palisade fencing system that is unmatched in durability, affordability and security; this is tailor-made fencing at its very best!

Offering a free, no obligation quote, which includes a visit from a Topfence representative to take meticulous measurements on site, you will be introduced to perimeter security of quality and affordability, delivered by a team of experienced professionals who understand the security concerns of their clients implicitly.

Operating out of their offices in Durbanville, Cape Town, Topfence secures residential and commercial properties from the Northern suburbs to the Southern suburbs and surrounding areas, offering a full-service operation that starts with the free quotation, moves to the drawing board, into manufacture and on to final installation; one team from start to finish!

Take a look at some examples of work done by Topfence, or contact this friendly team for recommendations from satisfied customers who have been living behind truly effective perimeter security for many years already; this should be enough to get you started in the right direction for security fencing that will last a lifetime!

Topfence palisade fencing can be designed to follow natural contours or it can be installed in modular form, depending on what you are looking for; everything that is designed and manufactured by the Topfence team is done to suit individual client specifications and requirements.

What this means, in its essence, is that each fence ordered, whether palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, is designed and manufactured individually to size, according to your requirements.

After many successful years in the industry, Topfence is uncompromising where it comes to quality, they are as committed to unrivalled customer service today as they were when they first started out.

Dealing with a team of professionals who understand their industry inside and out is an absolute pleasure with their approachable, friendly attitude, always willing to be of assistance in order to provide customers with formidable perimeter security designed to stand strong in our coastal region.

In a tough economy that shows no sign of let-up, it’s unfortunate but true that as unemployment rates rise, crime rises, making security a top issue for owners of residential, commercial and industrial properties, and solid security starts from the perimeter of your property inwards.

This is what makes quality galvanised steel palisade fencing, or rigid mesh fencing, essential as the first barrier to crime, which is a matter taken very seriously by the team at Topfence.

The more effective the fencing is around your property, the better all-round security becomes.  Not everyone can afford expensive alarm systems and other security measures, but, with Topfence, there is an affordable fencing solution in Cape Town for every budget!

Don’t compromise on the security of your family, property and assets, let the guys at Topfence introduce you to their attitude towards your security, they will make sure that no one gets in without asking!

Add aesthetic appeal & great value to your property with quality fencing from Topfence.

Palisade fencing does not have to make your property look like a prison, today there is so much that can be done to make perimeter fencing a good-looking extension of your property.

If anyone can show you just how attractive quality palisade fencing in Cape Town should look like, it is Topfence.

These guys have been around since 2008, securing homes, schools, hospitals and hotels as well as commercial and industrial properties, in fact, any property that can be secured is what Topfence is all about; put the challenge into the hands of this very capable, professional team and they rise to the occasion in style.

Yes, it is a pretty big investment to make, but, if you do it the right way, your investment will keeping giving you returns well into the future, without the need for maintenance, repairs or repainting.

Palisade fencing opens your property up enough to make it unattractive for criminals looking for an easy target, and with Topfence palisade fencing, you will be investing in fencing that cannot be climbed, cut, tampered with, nor used as a hiding place while criminals go about their activities unnoticed.

You are also able to see what is happening outside your property, and, if you have CCTV, it will work a lot more effectively than it would with a high wall.

The unique palisade fencing and mesh fencing designed and manufactured to specification by Topfence, is made from the highest quality in materials, sourced from local suppliers, using galvanised steel that is ideal for coastal regions.

As a result of the fact that Topfence manufactures this unique fencing locally, it will be hard to find another company to beat this affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, especially not if you are looking for quality into the bargain!

An expert knowledge of the quality and behaviour of steel is at the core of every component that goes into Topfence palisade fencing and mesh fencing, which is definitely not a DIY product; only qualified installers are allowed to do the installation of these products.

Every fence is individually designed and manufactured according to site specifications and the requirements of customers, and with expert consultants who will do a full site inspection free of charge, you can be absolutely confident that not even the smallest detail will be missed on the road to great perimeter security!

Topfence uses only SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their durable palisade fencing system, and with many years’ worth of experience in the industry, you can rely on these experts to deliver fencing that will be of the highest standard in all aspects.

If its care and commitment you are looking for in the design and manufacture of galvanised steel fencing, the qualifications, experience and reputation for service excellence earned by Topfence throughout the years will more than meet your standards.

Let Topfence make perimeter security easy and affordable for you by contacting the team today for a free, no-obligation quote – it may well be one of the best decision you make to raise security levels around your property!

Stop Burglars In Their Tracks With The Help Of Topfence Fencing Contractors In Cape Town

If you’ve ever had your home broken into, you’ll know that it can leave you feeling vulnerable and violated. Even if you weren’t there when it happened, you know that someone was in your space, uninvited. Not only is it a tremendous shock but the hassle that comes along with a house break-in is enough to sit in a corner and cry.

With the way things are in South Africa in recent years, there’s no way you can take chances when it comes to the safety of your family! Alarm systems are a great safety measurement but unfortunately, it’s not effective when used on its own. You’re going to have to do more than that if you want to keep intruders out of your personal space.

Anther safety measurement is having fencing around your home complete with an automatic gate. Palisade fencing is an excellent option since it offers no place for intruders to hide. And if you add an automated gate, you’ll decrease your chances of being surprised by an attacker substantially.

Topfence Is The Number One Fencing Contractors Cape Town has to offer.

With more than 10 years experience in the safety fencing industry, they know all the tricks in the book to secure your home. Topfence offers palisade fencing that’s extremely durable, difficult to climb and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. All this at affordable rates.

Safety is their number one priority and when you hire Topfence for your security fencing project, you can be sure that they’ll offer you the highest level of security possible.

Take advantage of the superior security Topfence has to offer and stop intruders from potentially ruining your life. For an obligation free quote, get in touch with the team at Topfence or visit their website for more information.


Make Safety Your Number One Priority With Steel Palisade Fencing

The safety of one’s family is the most important thing in the world. Replacing stolen possessions after a break-in and dealing with insurance companies are challenging to say the least but to lose a loved one at the hand of intruders is truly heartbreaking.

South Africa has become a place where crime is second nature due to the high unemployment rate. And while there isn’t much we can do about it, you can try and protect your home and your family as much as possible by taking every possible safety measure.

Steel palisade fencing is an excellent option when it comes to securing your home. Especially if you opt for the quality steel fencing offered by Topfence in Cape Town. When it comes to the safety of your family, only the best will do.

Topfence has been securing homes for the last ten years, offering only the highest quality steel fencing on the market. Additionally, their staff is well-trained to perform a successful and professional installation. They are market leaders in Cape Town, not only because of their quality products but also because they are affordable and offer top-notch customer service.

The steel palisade fencing offered by Topfence is durable, attractive and difficult to climb and keeps unwanted intruders where they belong. Their manufacturing plant will design and create each fence with the latest technology available, which will then be installed by their expert team. Gates are manufactured according to site specifications in order to make it pliable to various site conditions. Topfence only use locally sourced materials from the Western Cape.

If you are concerned about the safety of your family home and would like a free assessment and quote, get in touch with the experts at Topfence today.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring Fencing Contractors In Cape Town

When it comes to fencing contractors in Cape Town, there are loads to pick from. So how do you know that the fencing contractor you hire is right for you and will secure your home successfully? These are some things to look out for before you make your final decision.

  1. Get quotes from more than one fencing contractor

You need at least three quotes to be able to make an informed decision. Five would be better. Typically you won’t have to pay for a consultant to survey your property and give you a quote. Once you have all the quotes, compare not only pricing but services offered. You’ll want to go for the contractor that offers you the best value for money, not the cheapest quote.

  1. Price isn’t everything

Of course, the price is important but it’s not a good idea to make your decision based on price entirely. You don’t want to risk sacrificing quality just to save a few rands. You can’t put a price tag on the safety of your family.

  1. Contact previous clients

A reputable fencing contractor in Cape Town will be able to give you references. Contact the clients your potential contractor has dealt with previously to make sure they are reliable. Another thing you can do is to check out their facebook page. Chances are that if there are any complaints, you’ll find it there.

  1. Use an experienced fencing contractor

An experienced contractor will have built relationships with suppliers, which will enable them to get better prices on materials. This means that you’ll pay less than you would with a less experienced contractor. Added to that, when it comes to safety, you’ll want to use the pro’s to ensure superior security measures are in place.

If you’re looking for a fencing contractor in Cape Town to secure your home, look no further. Topfence has been manufacturing and installing quality steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing for 10 years. For more information or if you require a quote, get in touch with Topfence today.

3 Benefits Of Using Topfence For Your Palisade Fencing In Cape Town

It’s bittersweet to live in a country that is so beautiful but also unsafe. The crime rate in South Africa is at an all-time high and it’s become non-negotiable that you secure your home for the safety of your family.

Palisade fencing is both a security measure as well as an investment that will increase the value of your property. And whenever you are investing money in a project, it’s important to use skilled professionals to do it.

Here’s why Topfence is considered market leaders in the palisade fencing industry and why it would be beneficial to hire them as your fencing contractor.

  1. 10 Years Experience

Topfence was founded in 2008 thus have more than enough experience in the industry to secure your home successfully. Their staff is well trained to ensure a high-quality installation. Because they’ve been in the security fencing business for a while, chances are they’ve built excellent relationships with suppliers and will be able to source their materials at a better rate than a newcomer would. This means they will be able to charge you less for the same job.

  1. Total barrier security solution

Steel palisade fencing, rigid mesh fencing, driveway gates and sliding gates are all included in the services offered by Topfence. Every client is treated as an individual case and every security solution is manufactured to specifics on order. Their palisade fencing and mesh fencing is not only difficult to climb but also durable and attractive.

  1. Free assessment

If you are interested in hiring Topfence as your palisade fencing contractor in Cape Town, they will send out an expert consultant to survey your premises and give you an obligation free quote.

For the best security fencing solution in Cape Town, get in touch with Topfence today!

How To Make Sure You Have The Best Quality Fence

Securing your home isn’t only considered a great investment for your home but it can contribute to increasing the value of the property. With the crime rate of the country increasing on a daily basis, most homeowners prefer properties which are safe and secure. One way in which you can achieve this is by either building or installing a perimeter wall.

Here are four ways in which you can make sure you only have the best quality fence:

Ensure You Spend Time Doing Your Research Around the Product

Unless you’re working within the industry, understanding the jargon used can be tricky. By spending time getting to know the industry and understand the terminology, this’ll ensure you understand every aspect of the process and procedure to install palisade fencing.

This will enable you to understand every line item within the quote you’re supplied. From having stainless steel fencing to galvanised fencing  or coated with epoxy coating to the way in which the fence will be joined. This’ll all be included on the quote.

Request References From Suppliers

While doing your research around the industry and the different options you’ve available, start taking down the contact information of companies you might be considering for your palisade fencing. Be sure to contact them and request references based off work done at previous clients.

This’ll give you a good indication as to the standard and quality of work you can expect. Some companies even home client testimonials on their website so make sure you go through their websites as well.

The Type of Materials Being Used

As the installation process isn’t something which can be completed in a rush, be sure to ask potential installers what their turn around time will be on the installation and the types of materials they’ll be using. This’ll ensure you’re only getting the best product installed and not only is it aesthetically appealing but will provide you with maximum security.

Making Use Of A Well Known Company

By obtaining assistance from a reputable company like Topfence, you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of by a fly by night company. As this is a costly investment you’re making, you want the comfort of also knowing you’re working with reputable company that’ll provide you with a durable fence.

The team at Topfence have been trained up and now know a whole host of knowledge regarding the industry. As the consultants can visit your home to conduct a site analysis, they’ll easily put together a quote that’ll meet your needs. Topfence has been around for a decade and are considered the leaders in the industry within the Cape Town region.

These are just four ways in which you can make sure you’ve only the best possible fence installed on your property. With their combined years of knowledge of the field and experience working the industry, the team at Topfence can clarify any questions or concerns you might have regarding the installation process or how you can best maintain your fencing.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Palisade Fencing

By installing palisade fencing at your home, not only does it serve as a security feature but you can also make it aesthetically appealing feature. This type of fencing is put together by making use of two horizontal running rails of fencing which have vertical supporting pieces attached to it. They all vary in length and size, depending on your requirements at your home. Here are some of the ways you can get the most out of your palisade fencing:

Installing Palisade Fencing As Opposed To A Solid Perimeter Wall

As burglars don’t want to be seen when approaching your home, they often go for homes which are surrounded by large bushes or trees for them to hide in. By installing palisade fencing, you’ve a clear view of everything happening outside the perimeter of your property and will be able to spot an intruder before it’s too late. This also provides for an aesthetically appealing finish to your security on your property.

Breaking Your Perimeter Wall and Installing Some Palisade Fencing

If you’re looking for a way to make your home visually appealing and don’t want to install palisade fencing around your entire home then you should be considering a partial installation. This can be completed by knocking down some of your boundary wall and building up pillars. You can then install the palisade fencing between each pillar.

This is considered a big advantage because not only are you able to see what’s happening beyond your perimeter wall but you can install lighting as well for the evening time. This ensures you no longer have any dark spaces for you to wonder about.

The Finish of the Palisade Fencing

One of the benefits of the palisade fencing is the variety of finishes available. This specific finish refers to the top piece of the fencing, from round to triangular to even getting fencing in the shape of a “w” or flat end. The options are endless and are sure to provide a finish to meet any consumers needs.

Relating to the finish of the palisade fencing is the type of materials used to make up the fence. Ensure you’re hiring the services of a company that makes use of SAB approved materials. As you want to ensure the longevity of your fencing, it’s recommended you get fencing which has been galvanised to increase the lifespan of the fencing.

Installation of CCTV at Your Home

By installing palisade fencing at your home, you now make it possible to really make the most out of your CCTV you’ve installed at your home. The palisade fencing makes it possible for you to fully maximise coverage as you’ll have the option of covering some of the streets surrounding your property.

As no task is too big for the team at Topfence, contact them today to start discussing your fencing requirements. With over a decade of experience in the industry, they’ll be sure to provide you with high quality service and will be able to answer any questions you may have about palisade fencing.


he Benefits of Installing Palisade Fencing

With our ever increasing crime rate, consumers are doing everything not only to protect their possessions but to protect their homes as well. From installing state-of-the-art alarm systems and beams right down to the type of fencing around their property. From a full or partial installation there are so many other benefits why you should be installing palisade fencing.

The Increased Safety and Security At Your Home

By installing palisade fencing at home, you reduce the temptation of unwanted people having access to your property. This in turn results in your family feeling protected at all times and creates a barrier between you and any potential threat. As the palisade fencing allows for you to see what is happening beyond your boundary wall, you’ll know instantly if someone is trying to access your property.

The Durability of the Palisade Fence:

As all materials used have to be SAB approved, you can expect to only have fencing installed of a high quality. This also speaks to the nature in which the fence is finished off. Has the fence been galvanised and epoxy coated? What will be done to protect your fence from rust. Palisade fencing has a long life span if the correct manufacturing processes and procedures have been followed. The same goes for the bolts which are used to put the fence together.

The Maintenance of the Palisade Fencing.

When it comes to the maintenance of the actual fencing, there isn’t much which needs to be done to maintain it other than checking for loose bolts and screws. The opposite can be said to maintaining a boundary wall, as these regularly can develop cracks, you’ll need to conduct maintenance on your boundary at least once every six months to a year.

A Quicker Installation Process

You can expect a much quicker turnaround time when installing palisade fencing as opposed to building a boundary wall. With palisade fencing, permission from your neighbours should be sufficient permission before installing. The building of a boundary wall w

ill require you to submit plans to the City of Cape Town for approval before you can commence constructions.

A Security Option For Any Type of Premises

Once you’ve completed a site inspection with a professional in the industry, palisade fencing can be used to secure just about anything and any structure. Whether your home is big or small or even on a piece of land which isn’t square, you should be able to install palisade fencing without any obstructions.

These are just some of the many benefits to installing palisade fencing. Be sure to contact the team at Topfence if you’ve got any questions or concerns you wished to have addressed. With over a decade worth of experience, they’ve earned the title of the best palisade fencing providers within the Cape Town Region.